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Water Softening

Water Softening

Expert Water Softening Treatment

Turn to Reimer Pump Sales & Service of Waco, TX for quality water softening services. We'll treat you right and solve the problem. Rely on us to turn hard water to drinkable soft water at your home or business. Get a FREE ESTIMATE on water softening and treatment services. Call us now!

Extensive Water Softening Services

  • All types of filters 
  • Residential, commercial and industrial
  • Filters sized for ice makers, to whole house to hospital systems
  • Service and maintenance available

How Hard Water Decreases The Life Of Your Appliance

Hard water shortens the life of your appliances, and leaves scale forming on your faucets and pipes. Water softening doesn't leave a film and eliminates that ring around the tub. Your clothes and appliances will last longer. Softer water will also improve the performance of the boiler in your industrial plant. 

Advantages Of Rainwater Systems

A rainwater system collects the runoff from the roof of your house or barn. The water is collected into a storage tank, filtered for taste and impurities, and treated with UV light. Contact us today to learn more about the process! Trust our experienced staff to construct and service your rainwater harvesting system correctly. We work with contractors, homeowners, and small businesses. We specialize in the Xeriscape rainwater system.
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